Gautam Chaudhuri

Hi, I’m Gautam Chaudhuri (they/them/theirs).

This is an abbreviated version of my about page.

I’m currently a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds researching the Geometry and Dynamics of Topological Solitons. Roughly speaking, my research lies in the intersection of geometry and mathematical physics, specifically how we can use methods from geometry to understand how certain singularities in classical field theories behave.

My broader research interests are in differential and algebraic geometry, particularly gauge theory problems linked to Kähler geometry and vector bundles over algebraic curves. My non-research interests include type theory and combinatorics.

I maintain a presence at the following places:


If you want to contact me, I can be found at the following places:

  • Via email (PGP).
  • You can also try my institutional email address (apologies, I don’t have a PGP key set up for this address).